Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Dog ate my Yoga mat

True Story. I got the bright idea to place my Yoga mat under my towel when I was laying out soaking up some AZ sun. I left it outside draped over a chair and my dog chewed it up. I hadn't used the thing for actual Yoga in months, and honestly have not missed it until today. My friend, Lyndsey, and I both want to shed some pounds, so we are trying to motivate each other to work out. She posted THIS 30 day challenge on my Facebook with a cute little note, "how about this today?" Watching 15 seconds of the workout made me sore, there's no way I want to ever attempt this workout!! But since this was posted on my Facebook, I couldn't punk out and I completed day 1 today. This is when I remembered that my dog ate my yoga mat, I thought its absence was going to make my planks that much harder; then I did the planks and honestly, my abs and legs hurt so bad that I didn't even notice that I didn't have a Yoga mat! Lyndsey kept saying it's only 12 minutes and she was right, I was glad I did it, and even more happy that the instructor was winded and struggling just like I was. I didn't use a sand or rice bag, the lunges were hard enough without them! So, if you are a glutton for pain, or if you just want to really challenge yourself, then maybe you can join us in this 30 day challenge! Here's to 12 minutes of torture and hoping it will pay off in the end!

Closing thought: Did they seriously make a Barbie that cleans up dog poop?!? Do little kids really enjoy pretending they are cleaning up dog poop?? WOW. Just wow.