Monday, November 11, 2013

Gobble Gobble!!

I found this cute turkey wreath on Pinterest and decided to try and make my own.
Thanksgiving Decorations

I started with a plain foam wreath and covered a about a third of it with brown yarn. I used hot glue to hold the yarn in place at the beginning at end. This was my first time working with Tulle, so I got to go to Hobby Lobby to pick some up. The Tulle was on sale this week, so I picked it up at 50% off! Woo hoo!  I try to check Hobby Lobby's ads before I go...they always have great sales and if something isn't on clearance this week, it probably will be next week.

I am really bad about measurements, so I just kinda eye balled this and cut the first piece of Tulle as a worked perfectly, so I used it as the measurement for all other pieces. I would say the strip were between 12 and 14 inches. I wanted orange to be the main color so I put 2 strips of orange then one strip of the red and yellow. 

I basically tied the Tulle strips on by making a loop and pulling the ends through the loop. This was easy for me and I did it while watching a movie. You could also tie them by just making knots, but I thought it was easier this way. I didn't have any Styrofoam cones so I try a few different corks out until I found the one I liked best for a nose. The eyes (ping pong balls) and the nose are just hot glued on. I used red ribbon as the Turkey's Wattle (which I've been calling a Gobble until now) - it is also hot glued on to the cork nose.

I'm so happy with my little turkey! It looks a little different than the one on Pinterest, but it's super cute! 

We will be hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year, so I will be working on decorations for the next few weeks!

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