Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bad as you wanna be

So, I recently watched a show on the DIY network called Rehab Addict...if you have never seen it, you should! Basically, there's a lady named Nicole Curtis who buys historic homes and restores them. However, she's a total bad ass who does a lot of the work herself (or at least demonstrates how to do it), has handy dandy little tricks that make the work easier, and still manages to be pretty and girly. I was watching the show thinking that she's really nailed it and that I really need to start learning how to do more handy stuff. Well, lo and behold we got a visit from the City of Phoenix saying that the Oleanders in our backyard needed to be trimmed back and within a weeks time. I decided that I can tackle this just as well as Cass and I have more time, so I started the project. It took me close to 2 hours and I felt great! I, too, am a bad ass woman who gets things done! However, I WASN'T done. The oleanders in our back yard are huge and line the back fence so this was a big task, and I had just cleaned up the sides and pulled a lot of the dead branches out. I was so proud of what I had accomplished and got back out there to finish the job a few days later. But the meaning of this whole story is that it feels to good to feel like a bad ass and everyone needs to feel that way every now and then! Dennis Rodman had it right, I am as Bad as I wanna be, just maybe in a different sense than what he meant. :) Go out and conquer something that reminds you that you're a total bad ass, whether its doing yard work, running or taking down a pile of laundry.

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