Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Hometown

We've spent the last two weekends in my hometown, Ajo. When I tell people I come from a small town they usually ask "which one?" which is quickly followed by "where's that" or "on the way to Mexico?" Ajo is a  little gem, tucked in the Sonoran desert, that a lot of Arizonans just don't know about. I can give you an exhaustive history of Ajo and how it came to be but unless you're a history buff you probably don't want to read all of that, so I'm going to post pictures and tell you why I love it.

1. Because it's home. My parents home is just so comfortable and when we're there we spend a lot of time outside.

2. The People. Awesome people. 

3. It's gorgeous. Ajo has a lot of houses that need work and unfortunately that is what a lot of people see when they pass through, but Ajo really is quite beautiful.

Not to mention the gorgeous churches that surround a beautiful plaza. I will have to post pictures of that at another time...perhaps when we go down for the Ajo Reunion.

4. When we are in Ajo we get to be a part of stuff like this:

5. This awesome open pit mine. 

My hometown has a special place in my heart and its great to see how much Cassandra and Mr. A have fallen in love with it too.  People from Ajo have a lot of pride in our small little town and that is one of the other things I love about this place. 


  1. Makes me miss that part of my life. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Having been in ajo for just one year, its still with me... Love that little place in the middle of nowhere...

    1. That's awesome, Martina! You are definitely a part of my Senior year memories!