Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fun in the Valley of the Sun!

After a very long 6 days of having a sick toddler, my in laws asked if they could have the little man over for a sleep over. I was hesitant, because I'm a nervous Nelly like that, but Cass said she'd take me out for dinner and drinks, so I agreed! We decided to catch the end of the Saints game at Seamus McCaffrey's, which is one of our favorite little bars to visit. http://www.seamusmccaffreys.com This bar has such a diverse crowd, from hipsters to Senior Citizens, from the Rockabilly crowd to the sports lovers.We grabbed a sandwich and mozzarella sticks and decided on another of our favorite places, Crescent ballroom. http://www.crescentphx.com/ They have Flamenco Por La Vida every Saturday and it's free! I would recommend this to anyone! The ensemble consisted of a guitar player, a lady with an incredible voice, a male dancer and a female dancer. I would highly recommend checking it out if you are in the Phoenix area! It's a very warm and  intimate setting, and they were all so very talented!  We want to go back and take Cass's parents! Plus, you can grab drinks from the bar and they serve Mexican food.
Next we went, ice skating!! There is an impromptu ice skating rink set up in downtown Phoenix at City Scape, which they ever so cleverly call City Skate (I love it!). I think Cass had just enough drinks that I was able to convince her to go skating with me. It was hard. Very hard. We are Arizonans, we don't know how to ice skate! Luckily neither of us fell, however, we only went around the rink a few times.

We then headed to Hanny's. We had so much fun there! Hanny's was built in 1947 as a department store and was the bees knees at that time! It was later bought by the City of Phoenix and used to train firefighters, meaning it was caught on fire multiple times! They even have an open elevator that has a glass floor and you can see down to the bottom (shudders).Getting to the bathrooms is like walking through a room of mirrors and there is a really creepy replica of The Last Supper that is made out of dolls...in the basement (shudders again). That being said, they have a deli meat slicer in the bar where they slice fresh prosciutto and also have $5 martinis! The ambiance is different, but so much fun! I highly recommend having dinner and or drinks here! http://www.hannys.net/index.html

The next morning we had breakfast at Joe's Diner, where Joe himself came and talked to us. He is the nicest guy and takes pride in his restaurant. I had the biscuits and chorizo gravy- duhlicious!! http://joesdineraz.com/

We decided to take advantage of our babysitter and went to play a round of golf! I haven't played in probably 10 years or more, but it was so much fun! We aren't good by any means, but we had a blast. The weather was gorgeous, we started out in jackets and ended up in tank tops by the end! Gotta love AZ!
This golf course is walking distance from our house, although we took the El Camino.

This is my lady Cass, right after the golf club slipped out of her hand! We all laughed so hard! I'm glad I was able to get my phone out and snap a few pictures!

My good buddy, Lynds, laughed so hard she fell over! 

We had a wonderfully fun weekend, and I'm grateful to have family that want to watch our little man every now and then. I'm also grateful for the gorgeous weather and wonderful people in my life. 

I believe all of the places we went to were locally owned, and we try to support local businesses! 

Thanks for reading. I hope you're having a wonderful week! 


  1. Sounds like a great day! I try to support local business up here too, thankfully-- Most of ours have this big yellow flag that they hang to let people know it's a "Valley Original", so that people living in the Mount Washington Valley of New Hampshire can support it.

  2. The yellow flag is a great idea! A lot of places advertise as being local, but the flag really would help!

  3. I have a very good friend in Phoenix and always love hearing about fun stuff there so we can have ideas for a visit! Just saying hi, I'm from your SITS Tribe!

  4. I LOVE Hanny's! It's such a unique place to eat. Oddly enough my favorite part of the restaurant is the upstairs where they have those single room bathrooms and the lighted bench section. Forget the food, all I need is a fun bathroom. LOL!

  5. I love the bathrooms too. Every single time I go I look down the elevator shaft even though it makes my stomach drop and I go downstairs to see the creepy dolls!