Monday, March 10, 2014

My Mom & Pop

Last weekend we celebrated my Mom & Dad's 40th anniversary! My parents little family of 4 has grown and now we have 16 people in our immediate family! My siblings and I wanted to throw a little party for them, so we got invitations out and started making plans. The weather in AZ has been gorgeous, borderline hot for this early in the year, so we were planning to spend the day in the warm sun playing horseshoes and grilling. The day of the party was the ONE day that was super windy, overcast and rainy. Seriously, the one day in weeks that was not the perfect warm Spring day. The party was planned to be outside. So, we had to make a few adjustments and move some stuff around to make it work. I was a little stressed as each of my siblings text asking what the backup plan was, and I talking about moving the party inside when my mom said "It will be perfect, no matter the weather or where we have the party, it will be perfect. This is actually a great example of marriage, you plan for a warm Spring days and sometimes you get wind and rain, but that doesn't mean it's not great. The party will be perfect!"  Dang, mom...what a smart lady!  Of course we all want and expect warm sunny days, but the reality is that there are windy rainy days where you just have to tweak the plans a little.  The party was not what we thought it was going to be when we were going through the planning stages, however it was a great party! I've been thinking about all my parents went through as a
couple and as parents and I have nothing but love and respect for them and their 40 years of marriage.

We have such a great big extended family and were fortunate enough to grow up close to both of our grandmas. Family is so important to me and Cass and something we would like to pass on to Mr. A. who already loves spending time with his grandparents (both sets) and cousins. I hope that he learns to be hard working and down to earth from his grandpas and soaks up all of the wisdom (and some of the wittiness) he can from his grandmas. 

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